I'm a liar, a hypocrite. A self-deception-artist in ultimate perfection.

I'm a fake, a fat barbie doll, dressed up in the mistakes I made, I repeat over and over again, a failure myself.

I'm a starry-eyed, immature kid.

I'm a whore above average, starving for attention in every imaginable way.

I've got an obsessive necessity to affirmation, my self-esteem is dependent on the reactions of my surroundings.


enough of this emo shit!

I'm a very helpful person, always feel up to do whatever I'm able to to get people out of trouble, not caring about the trouble I can get in anyway.

On weekends you find me on the dancefloor, holding beer and butt or something like that, laughing, having fun and just enjoying life and normally I won't be home before the sun is rising - when I find my way home, anyway!

I wear my heart on my sleeve what's getting me into emotional trouble all the time but so what? I'm doing it my way. Accept that or let it be.

If your able to find the way to my heart (which is pretty anfractuous) I could be your heroine, the bandage for your bleedings, literally.



Alter: 19

PLZ: 35***

Größe: 1,65m

Gewicht (aktuell): 62kg

Wunschgewicht: 50kg